Singer / Bea Gets Another Case Dismissed With Prejudice

November was another good month for Singer / Bea, who managed to end another case without having to engage in expensive discovery.  The firm’s client, Semtech Corporation, was sued for breach of contract and related claims, with alleged damages in excess of $400,000.  Singer / Bea analyzed the complaint, identified key flaws in Plaintiff's allegations, and filed a demurrer before the Contra Costa Superior Court.  On April 9, 2015, the Court sustained the demurrer and dismissed all claims with prejudice. 

Normally, that would be the end of the case,  but Plaintiffs were not done yet.  They filed a motion seeking relief from the Court’s judgment, and Singer / Bea won a second time.  While the Court recognized that the dismissal was a “harsh result” for Plaintiffs, the legal research, briefing, and oral argument by Singer / Bea associate Walt Pfeffer left no choice but to uphold the dismissal.  “Winning early for defendants such that they avoid the cost of discovery is always a great result for the client,” said partner Benjamin Singer.  “This victory is particularly rewarding because we love seeing our associates succeed on their feet in court.”  

The case is (was) Ether Group SAL et al. v. v. Gennum Corp. et al., No. MSC13-00118 (Sup. Ct. Contra Costa County).